Who we are:
We are a video magazine that focuses on topics in Kiel. The content of the programs ranges from sporting event over the association's anniversary to the Kieler Woche or unusual music events.
But also the weather and the latest movie-tips will find their place here. On our website you will find all the videos and broadcasts of us.


"2013 will be a year in which our standards of quality, both technically and terms of content put, even higher.
There will be new shows of Kiel in video, documentaries and perhaps also fiction films."

Visit us on our german website:


SIERA FILM is a non-commercial company in Kiel (Germany). The contributors are volunteers who have as their hobby film production. None of the productions of SIERA FILM is sponsored by commercial companies or sold to outrun profits.
More information about SIERA FILM visit www.twitter.com / SIERAFILM

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